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Purchasing a benchtop planer is an investment which assists you in paying off dividends when it comes to lumber savings.When you use such a machine on rough, less quality wood, you free yourself from buying expensive pre-surfaced lumber.

Despite the fact that these devices can get the job done, don't compare them with heavy-duty planers that you might see in large woodworking stations.Many benchtop planers can be used inside garages, small tool sheds, or humble workstations.

These smaller units don't have beefy three horsepower motors, but they can still provide you with smooth surfaces for wood.With that being said, a benchtop model is an excellent choice for woodworkers who aren't working on a time constricted schedule as they do tend to work slower as compared to the large industrial variants.

Look through this guide as we've put together some of the best benchtop planers you can get for your home or small workstation.We're optimistic that the information you'll find here will be useful if you're already looking at the market for one of the best benchtop planers...

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